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Pronounced as: (Mayv Knee-Whale-Kha-ha)

Méav gives much of the credit for her love of classical and traditional music to the early influences of her very musical family. In addition, she attended an Irish language school in Dublin where she was exposed regularly to traditional Irish music in Gaelic.

Although Méav received a law degree from the world-renowned Trinity College in Dublin, it did not take long for her to realize her destiny was in music, not law. "Music is part of what I am," Méav says. She did her post-grad work in arts administration, working for an organization called Music Network, which was responsible for arranging tours of classical, jazz and traditional music throughout Ireland. At the same time, she realized that her singing was taking over as her number one interest. "Gradually it came to me that this is what I should be doing all the time," she said.

By 1998, her astonishing vocal clarity and breathtaking range had already caught the attention of producer/composer David Downes, earning his respect and admiration. Little did either one of them know that their lives would change forever with their collaboration on a special project in 2004 called "Celtic Woman."
Méav's fanbase exploded with the airing of "Celtic Woman" on PBS in the United States, and she has been especially appreciative of the loyalty and support of all her fans, both old and new.

After two years of touring with the group, Méav left to resume her solo career. With the success of her first US solo shows last December in NY and NH, Méav promises to come back again to the US to grace her fans with her enchanting performances.

In 2009, Méav was invited to perform the song "Where the Sunbeams Play" for Disney's "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure." March of 2010 marked Méav's Carnegie Hall debut with the NY Pops Orchestra conducted by Steven Reineke. Méav with the world renouned Les Rhapsodes Choir also headlined the Quebec Celtic Festival in September.

In spite of all the well-deserved success and acclaim, by far Méav's greatest achievement to date came when she and her husband Tom celebrated the birth of their children Anna in 2005, and Catherine in the summer of 2009.

2013 proved to be Méav's year with the release of her new PBS show DIVINAS, Live at Chambord Castle in March. Méav also joined the panel of judges on the TG4 TV series Scóre Encore traditional Irish music and dance competition. Méav also is trilled to release her new Cd "The Calling," which was a collabotion with the Grammy Award winning producer and director, Craig Leon.

Time Line

Méav's Music Career


March 17, 2014: St Patrick's Day Concert live from the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Ireland with the BBC Radio series.


August 23, 2013: UK release of Méav's NEW Cd, "The Calling."

August 7, 2013: Joined Celtic Woman in filming "Home for Christmas," DVD at the Helix in Dublin, Ireland.

June 2013: Recorded the Music Video for "The Calling."

March 2013: DIVINAS premiers in select PBS stations.

February 28,2013 : Premiere of Scóre Encore on TG4 TV.

January 2013: Joined the panel of judges for the TG4 show Sc&ocautere Encore. Filming for the 13 episodes began for Méav


Fall 2012: Finished recording her upcoming Cd, a collaboration with Grammy Award winning musician, Craig Leon.

October 2012: Rejoined Celtic Woman for the Christmas CD "Home For Christmas." The Cd hit #1 in the world music chart that same week!

May 2012: Recorded a new PBS show "DIVINAS" to be aired on 2013.


January 2011: Méav was nominated for Top Solo Performer in a conert (US,UK,IE) on the Irish Music Assoc. Website. Placed second after members and public votes were tallied. She did receive the highest percentage of public votes (420 total).


September 17: Headlined the Quebec Celtic Music Festival and performed with Les Rhapsodes at Palais Montcalm

September 2: Filmed a PBS Celtic Christmas DVD in Nashville, TN. Méav was delighted to be invited to sing on Orla Fallon's Christmas Special.

March 17: Dr. Ronan Tynan invited Méav as his special guest for a benefit St. Patrick's Day Show at University of Buffalo Center for the Arts.

March 12: Méav's Carnegie Hall Debut with the NY Pops for a special St. Patrick's Day Celebration.


September: Her song "Where the Sunbeams Play," was released with the new Disney Tinkerbell movie

June: Happily announced the birth of her 2nd daughter, Catherine.

May: Fauré's Requiem with Tallaght Choral Society and Orchestra, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Rowe St, Wexford

Fauré's Requiem with Tallaght Choral Society and Orchestra, Mount Argus Church, Harold's Cross, Dublin


November 16: Fauré's Requiem at Clarendon Street Dublin with the St. Teresa's Choir.

February: Silver Sea was re-released by Valley Entertainment.

March: Méav was invited to sing both the Irish and the American National Anthem at the re-opening of the American-Irish Historical Soceity in NY.


February: Spring US Tour: Méav alternates with Hayley Westenra during the four-month-long tour of the States.

March 18: Celtic Woman: A New Journey is aired for the first time in Ireland.

August: Méav takes a full time break from touring with Celtic Woman to focus on her solo career.

December: Méav returned to the US for a short Holiday tour in NY and NH.


January: Release of Méav: A Celtic Journey, her third CD.

March: Rejoined the Celtic Woman tour in the spring of 2006. Performed on the Regis and Kelly show in New York.

June: Recorded with Celtic Woman their second CD, A Christmas Celebration.

July: Celtic Woman broke the Billboard record for the longest time spent in the #1 spot on their World Music chart; the first of many records broken by CW.

August: Performed at Slane Castle for the video recording of Celtic Woman - A New Journey.

Toured with Celtic Woman in Japan.

October: Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration was released on October 3.

November: Platinum award received in South Africa (Nov. 24-29 trip to Johannesburg), for the album Celtic Woman.


March: CW debuted on PBS, being seen for the very first time by American audiences.
Méav and Celtic Woman performed live on the Today Show, in one of their first US performances.

Took a year break for the birth of her first child, Anna


Méav returned to Netherlands for a sell-out concert tour in the spring of 2004.

Méav also performed with the National Chamber Choir of Ireland. As a soloist with the Irish National Chamber Choir, she has toured Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Méav sang three songs on harpist Andreja Malir's debut CD entitled Through the Mirror of Sound. The album included two new songs, Suantrai and Goltrai, with lyrics by Méav and music by Andreja, as well as a haunting arrangement of Down by the Salley Gardens.

In September, Méav recorded the CD and the DVD of Celtic Woman for PBS.


Méav appeared as a guest artist on a CD of Irish language lullabies, entitled Codail A Mhuirnin, (Sleep, My Beloved). She recorded six tracks rooted in the Gaelic musical tradition, arranged and produced by Maire Breatnach, who also co-produced Silver Sea.

Méav performed at the Celtic Festival in Tokyo, and sang in the Beo Festival of Irish Music at the National Concert Hall Dublin in August of 2003.

In November she performed in the Netherlands for the first time.


Méav headlined at a major open-air festival in Seoul as part of the Korean World Cup celebrations and launched her second album there in May 2002.

(Méav's 2nd Album) Silver Sea release.

Performed with David Agnew at the Celtic Christmas in Tokyo.


Méav toured South Africa for three months as the lead vocalist with Lord of The Dance. Méav played Erin in Troupe One (T1).


As the sole vocalist on three extensive tours from 1996 to 1999, Méav has toured the U.S. and Canada with the prestigious RTE Concert Orchestra, conducted by Proinnsias O Duinn.


Release of Meav's first solo CD: MEAV, by Hearts Of Space Records.


As a soloist with Anuna she sang at the inauguration of President Mary McAleese.


Featured in Aujourd'hui l'Irlande (Ireland Today) Black Box Music Ltd. [The Parting of Friends, The Darkest Midnight, Dun Do Shuile (Ferme Tes Yeux)]


As a principal soloist with the Celtic choral group Anuna, Méav has toured extensively in Canada, Morocco, Spain and Scandinavia and has performed with such diverse musicians as Elvis Costello, Brian Kennedy and The Chieftains.

Early years

Méav's professional training started as a child with singing lessons from a nun, Sr. Peter Cronin. Recognizing Méav's outstanding talent and potential, she sent Méav to Mary Brennan at the College of Music in Dublin. It was here that Méav received her formal classical training. Having learned to play the Irish harp in school, Méav continued the study at the College of Music, and took piano lessons after hours at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

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