Dear Meav,

A Blessed Holidays to you and your family!
We want to send you our warm wishes
and wonderful thoughts...

From your Fans and Friends

Bright Blessings to you, Meav and your family.
Your music has touched so many hearts and this Holiday Season,
I would like to tell you how much brighter you made this world with your talent and your songs.
You are such a wonderful individual. Your e-mails meant so much to me.
I turned to you once and e-mailed you when I just needed a little encouragement,
and you were so kind to answer me back.
I carry your songs in my heart always. I wish you all the best in everything you do.
Happy Holidays and a great Big {{{HUGS}}} to you.


Hi Meav, sure missed you on the fall tour,
I am planing on making the trip to Ireland in Feb. for the show.
All the best this holiday season especially for Anna.
Sure would love to see you on that stage.

Paul Busta, P.A.B. Digital Video Productions

Hey Meav, I hope that God blesses you and yours
with the most spectacular and wonderful holiday season.
All of us fans have missed your presence on the CW tour,
but hope to see you sometime in the future.
Thank you for blessing the lives of others through your music,
and I hope and pray that God blesses you abundantly just as much in return.
Take care and congratulations on the baby

Danielle / Dani @ the forum

To Meav and her family: Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Meav, You have a voice of an angel...Your music is beyond compare...

Your fan, Felicity

Meav, I want wish you, your newborn Anna, and your family Merry Holidays.
I sure hope you'll be back with the Celtic Woman group again.
I also wish you'll have new lifetime memories to add during your Holiday seasons.
Thank you for being apart in the Celtic Woman group, you can truly do wonders with your voice!

Warm wishes,

Meav, I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.
Anna will bless this particular Christmas like no other.
May the Joy of this time be with you throughout the year
and come to us in your beautiful songs
when you are ready to sing for us again.

Irish Heart

Merry Christmas Méav, to you, your daughter, and your husband.
May God bless you and your family.
Your music has spread the gift of joy, peace, love,
and understanding throughout the world.

George Major


Mark Reeling (

From the day I first saw Celtic Woman on a PBS telecast,
the show has captured me. All beautiful voices.
Meav stands alone with a clarity and expression that I can listen to forever.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday –
enjoy Anna- there is nothing like the wonder of a child.

I hope you get to tour sometime soon with the Celtic Woman show –
the DVD is great, in person would be wonderful.

Martin S. Erb ATC
Coordinator for Sports Medicine Services Colgate University

Dear Meav, You are my favorite Celtic Woman.
You are a very talented singer.
You have a voice of an angel. Happy Holidays to you.
You have a lot of fans hoping that you will come
back so we can see you live in concert.


Meav, I wish you a very merry Christmas!!!! & a Happy New Year
and I hope You come back to CW!!!!

Jenny Fedei

Dear Meav, We all miss your music(at the CW tours)
but we understand what it is to enjoy the joys of Christmas
with our little children.

CW forum/CW chatroom (

Meav, I've just discovered the incredible talent our precious Lord has given you.
I saw you on the celtic woman tour. You seemed a little more special to me than
the other ladys although their talent was wonderful. You sing like an angel.
May you and your new born and all your family be very blessed this Christmas season.
Sing my lady, sing.

Alan Trice from Harrison, Ar.
in the heart of the Ozarks

Happy Christmas Meav. The Best to you!!!

From Ara

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Seasons.
Meav, You should come out with a Holiday CD with Celtic Holiday songs.

Meav fan/Celtic Woman fan

Having a wonderful family is the best blessings of all;
I always believe that. Seasons Greeting Meav.
More Blessings to your career.

JTD, Illinois

Happy Yule! Our study group listens to your songs in "Silver Sea"
Have a Magickal Holidays.

Lady R

Hello Meav,
My friend gave me a Celtic Woman DVD for this Holiday's Secret Santa.
You really stood out among the other soloist.
Happy Holidays to you!
I would just like to tell you that I look forward to
Seeing you when you join the tour again.

Addy, WA state

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Having a new baby is such a dear,
I hope you enjoy the festive cheer...


Wishing you the very best for the holiday season.
I hope you enjoy all that this time of year has to offer.
It must be very special to have a new addition to your family to share the holiday with.
Best wishes for all of your future endeavors,
and I hope I will soon have the chance to see and hear you perform.

Sincerly yours,
Stu Mostinsky

Happy Holidays Meav from everyone at the Celtic Woman Forum
We, your fans wish you the best!

Seasons Greetings from of Meav Members

Happy 1st Christmas Baby Anna

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