Happy Birthday

Dear Meav,
Happy Birthday!!!
May all your birthday wishes come true

"May the sun bring you energy by day,
May the moon softly restore you by night,
May the rain wash away your worries,
May the breeze blow new strength into your being.
May you walk gently through the world
And know its beauty all the days of your life."
       (Apache Blessing)

Fondest Regards,

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday
from all your fans...toasters and other appliances too! [rimshot]

Seriously, Happy Birthday and thank you once more
for providing some very wonderful music
to fans and listeners the world over. I hope you and all your loved ones
have long lives full of love, happiness and good fortune!!

Bob Cochran

Hi Meav, this message is in the form of a song
that a local kids noon time show called "Lunch with Cassey,"
back when I was a kid. It would make more scense if the music went with it
but oh well here goes:

Happy Happy Birthday
to every girl and boy,
hope this very special day
brings you lots of joy,
Hope the birthaday presents
you get from Mom and Dad,
Makes this very special day
the best you ever had.

Happy Birthday Meav

Paul Busta (CW forum)
P.A.B. Digital Video Productions

Oh, another year is gone, and life still grows day by day.
Meav, I want to wish you a super-duper, special Happy Birthday.
I hope you find new, life attainments and endeavors as both a mother
and soloist this Year 2006! May you have a healthy New Year.

Your's truly,
e-mail: jackson_1208@yahoo.com


A very, very Happy Birthday!
Congratulations on giving yourself a present with the release of your new album.
I can't believe that you got it wrapped with a new baby, the holidays, and all the other....
what am I saying of course you got it done, you are an Aquarius!

I hope that this birthday finds you as happy
as it seems you should be with what we fans can hear and see.
And I sincerely hope that the goodness
just continues to come and reward your hard work.

We love what you do for us. I watch you on the CW DVD every night
and I can't wait for your new CD to go on sale.

Irish Heart (Jan)

Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world.
May you receive great blessings now and forever.

(from the CW forum)

Dear Meav,
I watch my Celtic Woman DVD almost every night.
You have a beautiful voice!
Some friends of mine just had a baby girl
and I am delighted to tell you they named her Meav. After you.


Meav may your new year continue to be as good as your last year.
I look forward to a new year and big
and better things for you and your family. Anna has one special mom.
Enjoy all that life sends you.


Happy Birthday Méav,
May you receive in return, 100 fold the joy and happiness you have given
to us, your fans, listening to your beautiful angelic voice.

George Major

Dear Méav,
I want to wish you a very happy birthday.
I hope that you take time to enjoy these special days.
I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the beauty
you have blessed us with in the past year.
I listen to your cd's and of course
the Celtic Woman cd all the time, and it's just a wonder
to hear your voice. Have a great day!!

Sincerly yours,
Stu Mostinsky

Dear Meav, Happy birthday to my favorite Celtic Woman.
Your music is like sunshine to me on a cloudy day.
This is my chance to tell you how much
You have inspired me...

from Illinois, USA

Hello Meav!
Happy Happy Birthday!!!
May you find fulfilment
In everything you do.
May all your wishes
And special dreams come true.

From your fan,

Special Birthday Greetings from your fans
at the Celtic Woman Forum

Birthday wishes from your fans
At Myspace.com--Fans of Meav group.

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