Anniversary Issue - Fall/Winter 2011

Every Year A Milestone, A Blessing...
Celebrating the 6th Year Anniversary
of The Official Méav Fansite:

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A Note from Marie-France
(CelticMeav website Director):

It was almost midnight when Sandy and I said goodbye to Méav after the final night of her concert with the Québec Symphony last September 30th. As we said our good nights, I held Méav's hand and with a quick squeeze, I told her she was amazing!

Who would have thought that this year, on the 6th year anniversary of, Sandy and I would be there celebrating this milestone with Méav.

As I watched Méav walk away, I thanked God for giving us Méav's gift of song, and for the chance to share that music with the world.

This lady is truly, and wonderfully, unique. Méav is a precious blessing to me and to so many. I am so very grateful to Méav for always supporting all of our website projects, especially "The Lark," newsletter.

We, at the official fansite and forum, are so proud to share Méav's music. What we do is all for Méav.

I would like to thank Elizabeth and Sandy for their unending support and love for Méav. They helped keep the fansite, forum, and newsletter going.
To all of our forum friends and all of the fans who have been with us all of these years, we are truly grateful for your loyalty and support.

We've only just begun...
We are glad to take this journey with Méav, as her career continues to blossom, and her music reaches new heights.

We again would like to thank Méav for giving us her time while we were in Quebec, and for answering our interview questions for this issue of "The Lark."

On this, our 6th anniversary, we would like to announce our yearly Fansite contest.
This year it is entitled:
A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.
We have wonderful prizes awaiting our winners this year. Please CLICK HERE for more details on how to enter.


Introducing the New Méav E-card Website

The Official Méav fansite is pleased to announce the release of our new website featuring Méav's enchanting music and graphics.

This new electronic greeting card website allows you to choose your favorite Méav photo cards and add a short audio clip sampling the best of Méav's songs featured in her 3 solo Cds.

Please feel free to browse our E-card categories. We will periodically add more cards each season. We also encourage fans to submit their own art work featuring Méav, and we will consider them to be added to our collection.

This is just one of our ways of continually sharing Méav's life changing music to the world.

Please CLICK HERE to visit the new E-card Website.
Share the music, share the love...Send a Méav Card today!

Hello all and thank you for your lovely messages and cards over the last few months!

A very special thank you to those of you who travelled to Québec for my recent concerts with the Symphony Orchestra there.

I was made to feel so welcome by the orchestra, and their personal warmth and exuberance came through in their beautiful playing. The composer Brendan Graham had written a powerful new text for me about the Irish Famine. I read it in French, so it was great to hear the audience audibly respond to it, and of course to the songs too!

Happy anniversary to the Fansite and thank you for six great years - where does the time go?

Thank you also to Isolda for keeping the flag flying for us in Brazil too!

All the best,

An interview with the Celtic Songbird:

The Celtic Songbird Soars
with the Québec Symphony

Amidst the grandeur of the historic city of Québec, the Celtic Songbird, Méav, magnificently soared as she performed unforgettable Irish airs. She was accompanied by the 66 member Québec Symphony Orchestra conducted by the renowned Stéphane Laforest, for a 2 night concert at the Louis Frechette Salle, Grand Theatre de Québec.

Méav performed in front of an appreciative audience in attendance last September 29th and 30th. The concerts highlighted some of the best traditional and contemporary Irish songs that only Méav's brilliant vocal caliber can deliver. Méav's memorable performance of a well selected repertoire, delighted the audience. They responded with thunderous applause and standing ovations.

The concert showcased Méav's unforgettable renditions of I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls, Dúlamán, My Lagan Love, She Moved Through the Fair, Solveig's Song, Wealthy Widow, The Last Rose of Summer and her signature song: Danny Boy (Encore).

The orchestra performed a wonderful and lively Irish medley, including Bill Whelan's songs from Riverdance. Greensleeves, was also given new life and interpretation, not just by the orchestra instruments, but also by the conductor's costume change of green coat (tails) and matching hair! This performance was amusingly brilliant.

Méav emphatically read a written narrative, and beautifully performed the interlinking songs especially created for her on this 2 night event by renowned song writer and novelist, Mr. Brendan Graham.

The theme presented at the second half of the concert was entitled "From Famine to Freedom - Ireland to Grosse Ile." This piece set in the mid 1800's, during Ireland's Great Famine was adapted from Mr. Graham's work, "Writing The Famine in Fiction and Song."

Méav's readings in French were interspersed with 3 moving songs sung in English : The Voice, The Whitest Flower (a song first time heard that night in North America) and Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears. This was indeed the highlight of the evening!

In the past, the Canadians welcomed so many Irish immigrants with open arms and heart when all others turned them away. That evening, Méav, with the Québec Symphony Orchestra, lead by Stéphane Laforest, proudly honored, through song, this shared history of Ireland and Canada.

Sandy and Marie's Review Howard's Review Becky's Review Rosemary's

With Love from everyone at the Méav Forum

We would like to thank La Fleur D'Europe for their lovely and artistic arrangement of roses. We were pleased to deliver this one of a kind arrangement to Méav's dressing room before the concert last September 29th.

Méav's PBS Interview
From Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas DVD

This wonderful interview of our Celtic Songbird Méav was part of the special features added on the DVD aired by PBS last Christmas (2010).
With Orla's permission, we are pleased to share this interview clip in this issue of "The Lark."

The holidays are upon us. Please don't forget to add to your shopping list a copy of Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas DVD. Orla's timeless Christmas DVD featuring the amazing talents of Méav, Mark Wills, and David Archuleta will continue to enchant new audiences and old fans alike.
This DVD is a holiday gift worth sharing year after year. Please CLICK HERE to purchase a copy from


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