A Note From Marie-France

Codail A Mhuirnin (Sleep My Beloved) is my favorite Méav song of all time. All my troubles seem to melt away whenever I hear the melody. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have heard this song, because it is on a CD that is available only in Ireland. But with Méav's permission, I am sharing a clip of the song, as a 'thank you' gift to the fans.
CLICK HERE** to hear the song clip.

Music speaks to the heart, and it is my fondest wish that all of you will keep Méav's music close to your hearts always.

© 2007,www.celticmeav.com

** If you cannot see the page with the embedded music,
please CLICK HERE for the mp3 format of the song.
To see the lyrics translation to the song, plase CLICK HERE.
Thank you.

© 2007, Marie-France and Beth Rice

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