Issue no. 20, October 2007

Announcing Méav's Mini-Tour

For more than a decade, Méav's music has enchanted audiences who loved her classical and traditional Irish songs. Performing with Anuna, the RTE Orchestra, Lord of The Dance and Celtic Woman, Méav's rapturous vocals and graceful stage presence made her unforgettable.

After three wonderful years as a featured soloist with Celtic Woman, Méav has made the decision to branch out and follow her dreams of pursuing a solo career. For her loyal fans, it is exciting news to know that the wait to see her onstage is over! (See her official press release below).

We'd love to feature a firsthand, exclusive account of the show from anyone who is able to attend.

Press Release:

Méav Concert Tour Kicks Off in New York

Méav is best known as the tall blonde in Celtic Woman "who adds delicious wriggles to her soprano renditions of traditional tunes"(New York Times). She is equally at home singing classic Irish airs and lilting cheeky fast songs.

Méav has left Celtic Woman to focus on her solo career. Now, with a multi-talented band of three Irish musicians, Méav is sharing her blend of classic songs, seasonal favorites and the stories behind the melodies in a performance that promises to be magical. She is thrilled to be performing these intimate solo concerts across the East coast of the United States this December just as Celtic Woman's new Christmas PBS special is being aired. Her band combines Irish drumming, wooden flute, violin, guitar, keyboard and haunting vocal harmonies to create a warm and traditional Irish musical atmosphere. This is a rare opportunity to hear Méav's stunning live renditions of Silent Night and the timeless Danny Boy. The tour starts on December 12 th in the prestigious Nokia Theatre on Times Square in the heart of New York. Méav is currently based in Ireland so catch her here while you can.

12.12.07 Nokia Theatre, Times Square, New York, NY

12.13.07 7pm Music Hall, Tarrytown, NY

12.14.07 8pm Turning Stone Casino, Vernona, NY

12.15.07 8pm Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon NH

12.16.07 8pm Palace Theatre,Manchester, NH


Would you like to see Méav in one of her VERY FIRST post-CW solo concerts, but can't afford the trip to the northeast? Enter our new lottery contest for a chance to win a FREE concert ticket, as well as FREE round-trip airfare!

We've said all along that Méav brings out the best in people, and her loyalty to her fans and her generous spirit are second to none. Méav herself is donating the concert ticket, and an anonymous Méav fan is donating the airfare.

Here are the Concert/Airfare Giveaway Rules:
1. You must be an active Mé member to enter. Membership to the Méav forum requires approval.
2. One winner will be randomly chosen from all the entries, and that winner will be able to select which of Méav's five announced shows they would like to attend.
3. The offer is for ONE roundtrip ticket - within the continental U.S. only - and ONE concert ticket.
4. The winner will be responsible for purchasing their own airline ticket, then providing "proof of purchase" for the ticket in order to be reimbursed.
5. Reimbursement will be for the face value of the airline ticket, but will NOT exceed $350.00.

All entries must be received by November 25. The winner will be notified by email on November 28, 2007.
CLICK HERE to Enter.


Celtic Woman featured on Anne Murray's Duets CD

There will be a wonderful surprise on store shelves in January for fans of Méav and Celtic Woman! While in Toronto, Ontario earlier this year, Celtic Woman recorded a song with the "Canadian Songbird," Anne Murray. For over thirty years, Anne Murray's unique voice and heartwarming style have made her a music legend, and this new CD promises to be one of her best ever.

Anne Murray DUETS Cd The CD Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends is a collection of Anne's most classic songs re-recorded as duets with some of the finest women of song. The album offers a wide variety of some of Anne's favourite female voices, including: Shania Twain, Martina McBride, Nelly Furtado, Isabelle Boulay, k.d. lang, Celtic Woman, Carole King, Olivia Newton-John, Emmylou Harris, Jann Arden, Shelby Lynn, Sarah Brightman, Celine Dion, Amy Grant, Indigo Girls, Dusty Springfield as well as Anne's daughter, Dawn Langstroth. Dawn and Anne's son, Will Langstroth, provided back-up vocals on some tracks.

The CD was produced by Grammy award winner Phil Ramone, one of the music world's most respected producers. Ramone has produced unforgettable albums with Tony Bennett, Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel.

"Yes, the Anne Murray recording was fun," Méav replied when asked about her recording experience with the Canadian music icon. "We recorded the song live together. Usually each instrument is recorded separately in studio these days so it was interesting to do it the old style way."

Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends will be sold on-line beginning November 13 at but you can already pre-order it. The CD will be available in the US in January.

Unforgettable: Méav with Celtic Woman
Essay Contest Winners

We would like to thank everyone who entered our anniversary contest this year! Thank you for sharing with all of us your unforgettable moments with Méav during her time with Celtic Woman. We received so many heartwarming encounters and stories, it was very hard to choose the top three!

As always, your support for Méav and her music is very much appreciated.

The winners for this year's anniversary contest are:

1st: Lola Philpott.
My favorite memory is also my 6 year old daughters favorite memory of Meav. At the age of 4, we discovered my daughter, Presley, had a congenital cataract! I thought this was something only “old folks” got and was saddened to learn that my little girl who was a star soccer player on an all boy team was basically blind in one eye!! In the early part of the Spring in 2007, it was recommended that she had replacement lens surgery at the Children's Hospital in Little Rock , Arkansas . So we began all the preliminary appointments, consultations and etc. We knew the Celtic Woman, her favorite music group was coming to the Robinson Center Music Theater in Little Rock . After buying both cd's and the dvd available, I tried to get tickets only to find we had waited too long! Checked on e bay and everything but to no avail. One day this past Spring or maybe early summer, I told Presley, if she was good during her doctors visit, maybe we could walk around the Robinson Center and see if we could catch sight of her favorite Celtic Woman, Meav. Bribery is an awesome parenting tool and she let the doctors do all the necessary measuring and preparations needed for her upcoming surgery! So, we parked near the center and walked towards the music theater. Presley was excited, as she thought this was their “house!” She was pulling and tugging and just wanting to go see what we could see. We walked near the buses and a man came out of one of them. I asked him, if there was any chance to maybe catch a glimpse or meet the ladies. I told him Meav was Presley's favorite singer in the world! About that time, who should appear from nowhere, walking down the sidewalk but Meav AND Lisa!!!! Presley was beside herself! They were so nice and Meav shook Presley's hand and took a moment to talk to her. She asked her what her favorite song was and Presley said in her little country accent, “Doo-la-mon.” The ladies laughed. It was funny. We weren't able to take a picture w/a camera, but I guarantee you, Presley will NEVER lose the picture in her mind! She talked non-stop the rest of the afternoon and insisted we go tell Daddy at work! She has a little promotional photo that was sent to her of Meav and Orla on her mirror on her dresser! Sometimes, she says, “Mama, I wanna wear a church dress to school, like Meav!” Then she dons her little American Idol headset she got from McDonalds and she sings Dulaman or Caledonia or one of her other favorites.

It's really funny that she idolizes Meav so much, because I'm actually a country music fan (although I do LOVE the Celtic Woman music as well!) and also enjoy classic southern rock. Most kids her age, in the first grade are all into Hanna Montana and I've tried to offer to get her other music, all she wants to hear is the Celtic Woman! And most especially Meav!! I mean, here we are in America, in the deep south and she is singing in Gaelic and doesn't even know what she's saying! But we love it.

So, thanks for the opportunity to express our favorite Meav Memory. And by the way, the surgery in June was a success and Presley only missed one softball game and 2 weeks of swimming! She only needs to wear glasses now for strain and sometimes for a minor astigmatism. The best part is, she can see out of both eyes and as good now without glasses as she could with glasses before the surgery! Thank you.

2nd: Mike Betts
What a wonderful opportunity to express my gratitude to Meav for a job well done.
With the road she has been down, I believe she has become “The Master”, and you can clearly see her confidence displayed on the New Journey and Christmas DVD's.
All things are for a reason - life, death, a letter, a song. We don't always have to understand - only to be with them when they come. Within Celtic culture, there is the concentric circle, an emblem of continuity of all things. When the circle presents itself, it is enriching, life enhancing and humbling to try to respond in kind.

Meav, if you could only understand for an inkling of a second, the people's lives and hearts you have touched and healed, you would be dumbfounded. I was at the Red Rocks concert last June and was sitting next to a young red haired lady and her date. Before the show, I heard her explain how she had a rowdy past, which obviously included drugs and promiscuity. When you came out and sang “Danny Boy”, the young lady cried profusely. I couldn't believe how much it affected her, she was balling. I think about this concentric circle often, and how you've touched so many people. The most defining moment is when I watch you sing “Danny Boy” on the Helix DVD.

At the end of the song, a circle of lights encircles your face and it makes me think about this “continuity of all things” every time I see it. Watch the DVD and see what I mean. You've blessed so many…

3rd: Kelli Johnsen
On June 28th I met Méav for the first time. But this writing is about what happened the next day. I decided to keep things low-key and try not to give Méav the impression that she had met a lunatic the night before. Each time Méav was on "my" side of the stage during the next show I would look to one of the other girls. As the show progressed, I felt someone stare at me. After trying to brush off the feeling, I looked up at Méav. She was staring right at me! Of course, I couldn't believe this. It couldn't be ME that Méav was looking at. I devised a plan to figure this out: the next time I thought she was looking at me, I'd go over the top in lip-syncing. The reaction from Méav was an obvious grin and as much of a laugh as one can do while singing. That's when the show went to a whole new level for me! Throughout the rest of the show when Méav would return to my side of the stage we'd share special moments together.

Later on at the second Meet and Greet, I still was having a hard time believing what I had just experienced. When I reached Méav in line she said, "It's you again!" with a grin. We shook hands, and then I said, "I think you were singing to me tonight!" She responded, "Yes I was! And I almost got a wink out of you too!" The verification of this was priceless, but it paled in comparison to what came next. You see, during the last few songs Méav was emotional. Normally I would not have mentioned what might have been a difficult moment to her, but I had been crying too. There was something about this being the last show of this tour that made it special, and I felt a strong bond to the performers and the rest of the audience. I said to Méav, "I have to tell you how touched I was to see the emotion from you at the end of the show." We held hands again, and she gently shook my hands for emphasis. "That was because of you," she said, "every bit of emotion you saw from me and the other girls tonight was a direct reflection of what you guys gave us." I felt such gratitude from Méav. How is that possible when I was there to thank her? It's Méav's magic.

Now I know that that was to be Méav's last show on tour with Celtic Woman. Méav, I can't tell you what it means to me to have had such special interactions with you. I hope you received a fraction of the enjoyment from the show that I did. You have a life-long fan, and I hope to be able to follow your career for many years to come!

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