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Méav in New York on March 16th

copyright Celtic Woman Ltd. 2006 Méav has asked us to please make the following announcement -- and once again, you lucky fans in NY are in for a rare treat!

"Méav is very honoured by the invitation to sing the American and Irish National Anthems at the re-opening of the American Irish Historical Society. The formal ceremony will take place at 11.30 am on March 16th in front of the landmark Society building on 5th Avenue, opposite the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Founded in 1897 to promote the achievements of the Irish in America, the Society hosts diverse cultural and educational events and is re-opening following an extensive two-year renovation. It welcomes new members and is pleased to make its library and select events open to the public."

COMING SOON: A New Look For Meav's Official Website!

We were given word that a newly redesigned website will soon replace the current one online.
The exact date for the change is not yet available at this time, but Meav is happy to be getting a new look, and we can't wait to see it!

A Lovely Interview With Méav

Celtic Lady, a fansite dedicated to Méav and her music, celebrated their very first anniversary this January. We would like to congratulate Kelsey and Erica for an amazing and successful year of sharing Méav's music with the world!

A definite highlight of their anniversary was their exclusive interview with Méav. In it, Méav discussed her Holiday Show experience last December. "The solo concerts in December were a real pleasure for me and it was great opportunity to put faces to the names of the fans that were able to make it through the ice and snow!" she said.

Méav also answered questions about her favorite hobbies, pastime and the amazing places she had visited during her travels. She described a typical day in the process of creating her albums and recalled fond memories of her time with Celtic Woman.

To read this thoroughly enjoyable and insightful interview, please go to: www.ladymeav.com


Polar Plunge Inspired by Meav, Year 2!

Kris March 1 Polar Plunge. Last year, a brave, dedicated and very daring young lady decided to help raise money for a Special Olympics in Meav's honor. This year, Kris Scharp participated again in the Lake Bluff Polar Plunge on March 1st.

They say anyone with a little guts and a warm heart can take the "Plunge," but this year Kris's health situation was not optimal for running into the icy waters of Lake Bluff. Yet, despite everything, Kris summoned the will and the courage to do it.

It was a raw winter day in Illinois on March 1st, even by Lake Michigan standards. Kris reports that the air temperature was 30 degrees and the water temperature a mere 34 degrees. She shared with Meav's fans her experiences the day of the Plunge:

"I need to tell you a little bit about this winter in Illinois. It has been cold, and it has snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Prior to the event today, staff was plowing snow on the beach for access, but the one thing they couldn't move was all the ice floating in the water. Talk about a big glass of ice water. The one thing about ice in its natural form, it's sharp and jagged. So, when I ran into the water the first time, (no I didn't learn my lesson last year) the ice got my attention. I could feel it hitting against my legs but really didn't think much about it, but I definitely wasn't able to "run around" in the water like last year.

"After the second dip (to make sure we had usable video) I decided it was time to get off the beach. I went to put on my red socks from the kids and some dry clothes when I discovered what natural ice can do to bare legs. HHMM; cuts, bruises and a big goose egg on my shin. Okay, so here's my chance to meet another fireman this year. I went to the fire truck to get checked out and to get a band-aid. How cool was it when he let me get into the truck where it was NICE AND WARM! I didn't want to leave. Thanks to the Lake Bluff Fire Department."

Kris's friends and other Meav fans all pulled together to make her Plunge a profitable for Special Olympics.

"Polar Plunge 2008 is in the history books. Thank you to all who supported me with donations, as I raised $1,215 for Special Olympics-Illinois. Everyone's messages leading up to the event were great as I prepared to take the icy plunge. Several people were listening to MŽav at the time of the plunge to show their support. This year has been very special leading up to the event."

Kris also dedicated this year's Polar Plunge to the 2nd grade class of Sandy Harlow in Louisiana:

"In an earlier post, Sandy told (at the forum)the story of the children in her class that have been raising money through chores at home and school in order to make a donation to support Special Olympics. Plus, the kids were so worried about me being warm they sent me bright red socks. (Trust me, I NEEDED those socks)!I decided to do something special for Sandy's kids, something that would make them feel like they were here with me. I made what I call a 'Victory Towel', which has every child's name on it. I put the towel and my red socks into a zip lock bag, and they ALL WENT INTO THE WATER WITH ME! Thank you Sandy and kids, your love and support have been incredible and you make me so proud with your hard work and dedication to this event."

This year's Polar Plunge was definitely a memorable and special one for Kris. She has come through a challenging few months of battling health problems, but her strength and sheer determination helped her get through the event with flying colors.

"This year I must admit was much more difficult than last year for several reasons. However, I made a commitment to Special Olympics, to those who have supported me and to myself, so in I went. And a special thank you to those who sat by their computers and waited for a 'sign' from me that I survived another year."

According to the Lake Bluff website, last year 175 people raised an astonishing $87,000 for Special Olympics. What is even MORE astonishing is that this year 220 pungers raised over $110, 000.

Kris, you are an inspiration! You and your supporters have raised a combined total of $2,540 for Special Olympics in Meav's honor. Now THAT'S awesome!!!


banner by Lauren
Banner by Lauren

It's Our Second Anniversary!

Another year has flown by already. But what an exciting one it's been for Méav and for all of her many fans!

This publication first began when Méav re-joined the CW tour in 2006. Then in 2007, we were given the honor of being the "official fanclub newsletter" for the fans of Méav. We have followed Méav on her journey with Celtic Woman, and we are proud to still be here to continue following Méav on her solo journey.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to "The Lark" for these past two years. We are here because of YOUR SUPPORT! The Lark Newsletter staff would also like thank all the fans who read our humble newsletter. It is our joy to bring to you all of the news and highlights about Méav's musical career, personal appearances, tours and successes.


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