Méav Plays
Carnegie Hall in 2010

"It has been said that the hall itself is an instrument. It takes what you do and makes it larger than life." -Isaac Stern

Carnegie Hall NY On March 12, 2010, Méav will perform as a lead soloist with the New York Pops Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in a celebration of Celtic music just prior to St. Patrick's Day.

"I am really pleased it's happening - Carnegie is a venue I was sorry I missed when CW played there during my maternity leave," Méav happily told us as she announced this future engagement.

The concert will be held at the Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage. This venue is the largest at Carnegie Hall and has been the premier classical music performance space in the United States since its opening in 1891, showcasing the world's greatest soloists, conductors, and ensembles. It has been said that no one ever forgets the visceral impact of the Hall's perfect acoustics,Stern Auditorium and this has made it a favorite of audiences and performers alike.

The concert will be conducted by Steven Reineke in his first season as Musical Director of the Orchestra. Méav will be joined onstage by renowned tenor Ronan Tynan, violinist Liz Knowles and uileann piper Keiran O' Hare.

This will be a concert worth experiencing for all Irish music lovers, and especially for Méav fans! Tickets go on sale Thursday, September 10, 2009.


Pie Jesu from Fauré's Requiem

We are delighted to be able to share an exclusive audio clip of Méav's performance of Pie Jesu, with permisssion from the Clarendon Street, St. Teresa's Choir. Méav sent us this live audio recording from November 16, 2008.

Click to play to activate the streaming audio /(click here for direct audio link)
(Méav would like to personally dedicate this song in loving memory of Hermie Ocampo.)

A Fan's Journey to Dublin for Fauré's Requiem

Since 2007 when Méav decided to pursue her solo career apart from Celtic Woman, fans have patiently waited for any opportunity to hear her sing again. One particular fan, whom we will call Joel*, was fortunate enough to attend the November 16, 2008 concert in Dublin, Ireland. For this performance, Méav was featured as the soprano soloist in Fauré's evocative Requiem. She was joined by baritone Des Capliss and the choir of St Teresa's. The performance was conducted by Grainne Gormley, and was accompanied by the chamber orchestra.

Joel took us along with him in spirit and he shared with us his opportunity to witness a performance beyond compare. Here is Joel's account of that memorable journey:

"I believe it was in early November that I saw on the Méav web site that she would be in a concert at the St Teresa's Church in Dublin. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see her in a different setting from the Celtic Woman format, now that she is no longer with the group. But I had to read the note on the web site several times to try to understand how much of a part Méav had in this concert. ireland view from the plane.  Photo by Joel I began by checking the internet for travel and hotel accommodations to see if it would be feasible or even reasonable to go. After much contemplation, I decided not to go. Mainly due to the state of the economy and the uncertainty of how much I would get to see of Méav. The Friday morning before the show, I picked up my mail, which included the prize that was sent to me from the last Méav contest. It reminded me that I would really like to see Méav again and I was curious about what this particular concert would be like. So I made the air and hotel reservations and headed to Dublin the next day (Saturday).

When I arrived in Dublin Sunday morning, it was cold and rainy. But the weather was improving. I decided it would be good to walk from the airport to Dublin City Center. It was only 10 kilometers (about 6 miles) and I would have more than enough time to get to the hotel before check time.

I arrived at the hotel at noon and check in was not until 2:00 PM so I left my bag at the hotel and decided to locate the church while there was plenty of daylight. After considerable effort I finally found it, then went to my hotel to get some rest and clean up.

I left my hotel with enough time to get to the church before it opened as I wanted to get the best seat I could. The church was still closed but the lights were on so I began to walk around the church to look for signs of an entrance. I found a gate that was locked with two couples waiting patiently for the gate to open. They informed me that the €15 admission was for people under 60 and €10 for those over 60. So I got out €15 and the priest only took €10. So I told him I'd have to owe him the two years. He thanked me for my honesty and took the remaining €5. It turns out that I entered the main chapel area from the left wing. So I made my way to the center section of the congregational seating area at the third row. The first two rows were already full. As this fellow in a robe passed, I said to the lady seated next to me that that fellow looked like he used to run around with Robin Hood! She was amused and said that she personally knew Friar Patrick.

As it was time for the concert to begin, the choir (dressed in black) marched single file into the choir loft; the men leading, filling the back row and the women following to take the front row. Méav was among them in no distinguishing position as they appeared to be one choir. The orchestra took their place between the choir loft and the audience. There was a stand with two microphones set in the aisle of the audience. The choir and orchestra performed under the leadership of conductor Grainne Gormley.

Now this is where I'm at a disadvantage as I don't speak Italian or French or any other language that the songs might have been sung in. The choir sang very well and the program had the words of the songs in the language sung as well as the translation. But the music of the orchestra needs no translation as it was very beautiful. The choir sang flawlessly. Now it is impossible to express how a piece of music sounds to someone who hasn't heard it because one can not fully describe music with mere words. So it will have to suffice to say that at the end of the performance the audience gave a standing ovation which lasted quite a while.

After the choir and orchestra withdrew, the audience got up and was milling about. I wondered if the performers would come out to meet anyone. Not seeing anything like that, I made my way out, and saw a couple come out another door. It was Méav and her escort.
original Photo by celtic Thunder
She saw me and said " Hello." I said: "Hi." She walked up to me and asked if I was with Mr. Kavanagh. I'm a terrible liar and I can't make stuff up at the spur of the moment to try and keep someone interested in talking, so I resorted to telling the truth. I told her I was just a fan and mentioned that I met her at a Meet and Greet last year. She had a pressing engagement and excused herself. Then she returned to her escort and left.

I'm glad I went. It was nice to see Méav even if it was for only a brief moment to speak to her. Part of her success is that she can adapt to any kind of situation, whether she is a solo star or part of a group, and not detract from anyone. I think that is one of the things I admire about her. She is always willing to help promote others and not keep the spotlight on herself. She also has high moral values. There are not very many international celebrities that are like that.

The next morning, I got up and got ready to catch the 8:00 AM bus to get to the airport. I always find it enjoyable to meet people who are from so many diverse places. And I always enjoy going to Europe (and Dublin) because most people I run into can speak English and are very friendly, which means I can usually enjoy a very nice conversation with them."

*Name has been changed by request of the author.

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