Celebrating our 4th year fan site
anniversary with Méav!
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Looking back on this fantastic journey with Méav, there have been more wonderful, unforgettable and exciting moments that we have shared with our Celtic Songbird than we have room to write about! We have endured so much together, and we have grown and evolved as Méav's career blossomed.

Méav in turn has always been there to support our ideas and projects for the fansite. We thank Méav wholeheartedly for her love and for the music that inspired us to keep chugging along for these four years so far.

Being by Méav's side has been an honor for us. Sharing her music and taking this journey with her brought all of us a true sense of joy and fulfillment, and we will be eternally grateful.

Hard to believe that four short years ago, our original fansite was just a free Geocities site! But it was born out of love for Méav, and we continue to share that love of Méav's music with fans both young and old. The music is timeless and everlasting. It is our hope that our Celtic Songbird's music will continue to reach and touch the hearts of more people all over the world.

We would like to thank all the fans who have been there with us since 2005. Without your constant encouragement and support, we would not be here -- still growing, changing, and standing strong. We are truly grateful and humbled.

Méav once said that "Music opens doors to places you would never imagine yourself going ~ it is a passport to anywhere." Well, Méav's music did 'open doors' for us to meet new friends through our Méav Forum, and her songs really did give us the 'passport' to reach new heights of creative expression, which helped enhance our website. We have achieved so many things we never imagined possible!

Happy anniversary to www.celticmeav.com! It has been a challenging, rewarding and fruitful four years. We are looking forward to many more adventures with our Celtic Songbird!
Thank you, dear readers, for sharing with us the music, the love, and the inspiration that only Méav's songs can bring.

Grá anois agus go deo,
Marie-France, Elizabeth, Sandy and the entire Celtic Méav team.

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Méav's Disney Song

Méav is honored to have been asked to sing a lovely new song for the upcoming Disney movie Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure. The songs in this soundtrack, by Emmy award-winning composer Joel McNeely, are filled with epic and emotional melodies. One of these compositions is Méav's enchanting song "Where the Sunbeams Play." This soundtrack also features two very familiar and much-loved names for Méav fans: Mairéad Nesbitt and Lisa Kelly!
We here at CelticMeav appreciate ANY project which reunites Méav with her CW friends. Let's hope this is the first of MANY such endeavors!  Méav shared with us what the experience was like recording this song in Dublin last year:

"I had a ball recording 'Where the Sunbeams Play' for the new Tinkerbell movie at Windmill Lane studios in Dublin. Originally U2's studio, Windmill Lane holds a lot of happy musical memories for me as I have worked there on various projects with great musicians such as the Chieftains and Anúna - and my Celtic Woman colleagues of course!
You can take a peek at the studio here:

The Emmy award - winning composer of the movie, Joel McNeely, is a charming person as well as a tremendous musician, and it was an absolute pleasure helping to bring his song to life with him there beside me. He was accompanied on his trip to Ireland by a number of Disney executives who played an active role in the whole recording process and who were great fun to spend time with, too. It felt great singing with David Downes at the piano again. We had the freedom to experiment with various keys, speeds and ideas for the song because the other instrumental parts were recorded later. Often when a soundtrack is recorded, the speed and keys are pre-determined because the orchestral parts are recorded before the vocal, so this was a great luxury for us both !   Hearing Mairéad add her delicate filigree to the song afterwards, was a further pleasure. It was fun to work on something with both Mairéad and Lisa again, and I can't wait to see the whole movie now!"

The Soundtrack CD was released last Sept. 22, and is now available at all music stores. The movie will be released on DVD this coming October 27th.

Méav at Carnegie Hall Performance Countdown

With just a few more months to go until March, Méav fans are excitedly anticipating her debut performance with the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall.

Tickets went on sale Sept 10. Seat prices range from $33 - $104. Please visit the Carnegie Hall Box office for more details:

Méav, with the beloved Irish tenor, Ronan Tynan, will headline this celebration of Celtic music just in time for Saint Patrick's Day. Liz Knowles (Violin) and Kieran O'Hare (Uilleann Pipes) will also accompany the New York Pops, with conductor and musical director, Steven Reineke.

Méav is delighted to have this opportunity to sing for all of us again after her long absence this past year. She is happy to hear that fans are already purchasing tickets and making travel arrangements.

"Apparently the acoustics are very good wherever you are sitting," Méav informed us. "It will be lovely to have some friendly faces there!"

We at the CelticMeav Official Fan Club are excited to be heading to the Big Apple in support of our Celtic Songbird. We are looking forward to meeting other Méav fans there as well. Please frequent the MeavForum for more details of the fan club projects we have in store for our members attending this event.


     (The beautiful Palais Montcalm, Canada)