Méav headlines the 2010
Québec Celtic Festival
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The Palais Montcalm resonated with the most enchanting Celtic music the evening of September 17. A beautiful soprano voice soared, accompanied by the glorious range of voices from a choir. This concert featuring our Celtic Songbird, Méav, with the Les Rhapsodes choir was the culmination to Québec's week-long Celtic Festival, now in its fifth year. Les Rhapsodes, a choir of 70 singers, is well known in Québec for covering many aspects of choral music - from the Renaissance to twentieth-century music. It was an honor for Méav to be able to sing and join this majestic choir in celebrating the Celtic heritage of the people of Québec. Méav was joined by her band members (Una, Conor and Shea) for performances of traditional and contemporary Celtic music, arranged for this special concert by Les Rhapsodes' artistic and musical director David Rompré.

Photo given by Meav for www.celticmeav.com
Here is the complete list of songs performed at the concert that evening:

First Half

1. Ardaigh Cuain
2. Mairi's Wedding
3. She moved through the fair
4. Last Rose of Summer
5. Sí do Mhaimeó í (The Wealthy Widow)
6. Suantraí ´r Slanaitheora
7. Will Ye No Come Back Again
8. Glasgow's burning
9. Chi mi na Morbheanna
(Méav & choir)
(All with piper)
(Méav & Band)
(Méav & Band)
(Méav & Band)
(Méav & Choir)
(Méav & Band)
(All with piper)
Second half
1. Marble Halls
2. My Lagan Love
3. The Voice
4. Níl Sé na lá
5. Au Mois de Mai
6. Les Berceaux (The Cradles)
7. A Saint Malo
8. Invitation to Mary
9. Dúlamán
10. Encore: Danny Boy
                                             (Méav & Band)
(Méav & Choir)
(Méav & Band)
(Méav & Band) (Choir)
(Méav & Band)
(Méav & Choir)

Photo by Meav for www.celticmeav.comMéav shared exclusively with The Lark her thoughts on performing with a world renowned Canadian choir and her marvelous time in Québec:

"The trip to Québec city was a real pleasure. The Palais Montcalm has a lovely natural acoustic and the audience were really responsive and warm. We had a full house and standing ovations which felt fantastic. Thank you for sending the beautiful bouquet! Some of my favorite moments in the concert include walking in through dry ice and candlelight with the fantastic choir Les Rhapsodes creating low atmospheric drones to accompany the first song, then later hearing them relish getting their tongues around a really lively version of Dúlamán! I had my trusty musicians Una, Conor and Shea with me again and they charmed the crowd, especially when they chatted in French. We also had Major Alan Stairs join us on the bagpipes which gave the concert a really festive flavour and beautifully introduced the Scottish songs. We had the luxury of some free time to explore the charming historic city center and taste the local cuisine which featured lots of maple syrup!"

Photo by Meav for www.celticmeav.com

Méav Interview on "Breakaway"
CBC Radio One

photo taken by Rachelle Solomon

The Celtic Superstar Meav was interviewed by Rachel Solomon for the "Breakaway" with Jacquie Czernin's radio show on CBC Radio One. Rachel caught up with Meav on the steps of Palais Montcalm that morning before the Celtic Festival Concert. Rachel also joined Meav and Les Rhapsodes at the Quebec High School during their first rehearsal the day before.
Meav gave us a copy of this lovely interview of herself, the musical director David Rompre and Les Rhapsodes. This brilliant interview was aired on Sept 17 at 5:30 pm on the Canadian Radio Station. We are pleased to have the copy of this interview for all the Meav fans to hear through our newsletter. Please CLICK HERE to hear the full interview and the song "Dulaman" at the end of the clip.

photo taken by Rachelle Solomon

Méav Visits the Students
at Québec High School

photo by Mr.Ed Sweeney, Copyright Quebec High School
photo by Mr.Ed Sweeney, Copyright Quebec High School
Meav with the teachers, Mr. Morisset, Mr. Sweeney. Mr. Rompre & Quebec High School teachers. photo by Mr.Ed Sweeney, Copyright Quebec High School

Celebrating 5 years with Méav

top: Meav with Sandy/Bottom photo: Meav with Marie-France---photo taken Sept 2, Breakfast (Top photo: Méav & Sandy Harlow
Bottom photo: Méav & Marie-France -----
@ Breakfast Sept. 2 Nashville, TN)
"A special thank you to Marie-France, Beth and Sandy and to everyone at the forum for a great five years - long may it continue!" ---- Méav

CelticMeav.com, the Official Méav fan website, is 5 years old!

We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone, and grateful to have been here with Méav all these years, to share her many career successes through our website.

Sharing Méav's unforgettable and often life-changing music with the world is truly the heart and soul of our website. Thank you, dear readers, for being with us all these years!

We are pleased to announce our yearly anniversary contest giveaway. For the complete details on how to enter, please CLICK HERE.

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